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New date revealed for Bo Dallas WWE faction

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A new date has been revealed related to the hotly anticipated debut of a new WWE faction seemingly led by Bo Dallas.

More QR code clues on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw with Pat McAfee and Michael Cole again acknowledging the mystery.
After the match that featured the QR code interruption this week, both McAfee and Cole were shown continuing to wonder about what was going on the with the QR codes.
Tonight’s QR code led to another WWE website that actually has an abundance of possible outcomes as it links to another questionnaire of yes versus no questions.
Online sleuths have begun compiling the evidence within minutes of the QR code airing but one prevailing response was that there seems to be another date teased.

One among the list of outcomes, a tease that said ‘WhatsApp 5.22’ shown in a photo of scribbles on a journal.
This could relate to a WWE WhatsApp channel post happening on May 22, similarly to how ‘Twitch 5.16’ was teased last time, leading to a live stream on WWE’s official Twitch channel.
Also coordinates to Rowan University, a story about a man and a woman who were seemingly victims of experimentation in 1965 – the Rowan reference perhaps related to the return of Erick Rowan, who is expected to be part of the group.

A cypher was solved and says “a puppet is free as long as he loves his strings”.
Apparently the spooky audio clips are spectrograms that show the Bray Wyatt logo as well as a new iteration of a mask, possibly yet to be debuted by Bo Dallas as a Uncle Howdy? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.
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