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Bo Dallas WWE faction debut date seemingly confirmed

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Another QR code on tonight’s WWE Raw led to the most specific clue yet as to the debut date of the anticipated Bo Dallas led faction.

While WWE fans continue to await the arrival of the new faction featuring Bo Dallas, tonight’s clue leads to a specific date and time.
With a QR code appearing during Raw, it led to a website (wwe.com/exordium) which is seemingly counting down to next Monday.
While previous clues also pointed to June 17, now the official countdown seems to make it clear that the group will be present at next Monday’s Raw.
The countdown leads of course back to the recapitulation, containing former clues as well as a new journal entry posted tonight.

It reads:
“I reached out my hand
“Offered salvation.
“They buried their heads in the dirt.

“Hide while you can.
“Soon your eyes will boil as you witness
“What we have become.

“The prophecy fulfilled.
“The sky turned to blood.
“Do not fight it.
“Drown in your entropy.”

Reports and clues suggest the group will be made up of Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, Joe Gacy and the returning Erick Rowan.
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