WWE star says 'stakes just got higher' for King & Queen Of The Ring match

King & Queen Of The Ring
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Raw star Lyra Valkyria has commented on her upcoming Queen of the Ring final match against SmackDown’s Nia Jax.

Valkyria has been the true underdog of the Queen of the Ring tournament, with the former NXT Champion defeating Dakota Kai, Zoey Stark and former Women’s Champion IYO SKY during her first few matches on Raw.
She is now set to face off against Nia Jax in the tournament finals, at Saturday’s (May 25) King & Queen of the Ring premium live event.
Following Nia Jax’ semi-final win on SmackDown, Valkyria admitted that she hasn’t wrestled someone as big or strong as Nia Jax before.

During her WWE Digital Exclusive interview, Valkyria noted that she believes she can defeat Jax, noting:
“I’ve just realized, I don’t think I have ever been in the ring either an opponent as big or as strong as Nia Jax. But the stakes just got a whole lot higher.
“We are now looking at who is going to go to SummerSlam for a championship match and be the Queen of the Ring. If there’s one thing I know about me, I perform best when the stakes are the highest and the pressure is the highest.
“I’ve got a lot of momentum on my side right now. I just beat a former WWE Women’s Champion. I think I can take her.”

In the King of the Ring finals, GUNTHER will face off against Randy Orton, following Orton’s victory over Tama Tonga on SmackDown.
GUNTHER has now commented on his upcoming match against Orton, which you can read more about right here.
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