Seth Rollins SHOOTS on Jon Moxley & AEW... again

Seth Rollins' recent activity has made it incredibly easy to dunk on the former WWE Universal Champion over the past few months, and this looks set to continue today, with the 33-year-old throwing another set of bizarre, passive-aggressive barbs at Jon Moxley on his employers' SummerSlam conference call yesterday.

As transcribed by John Pollock of POST Wrestling, the 'Beast Slayer' claimed that he was "surprised" to see his former Shield brother show up at AEW's Double Or Nothing so soon after leaving WWE. Rollins added: "now he's competition and trying to take dinner off my table."

Rollins held nothing back when it came to AEW in general. When talking about how WWE would react to the nascent promotion trying to take his company's spotlight, he said: "we are going to knock them dead, just like we do everyone else."

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While there's a chance some of these lines are being fed to Rollins by Vince McMahon, Seth continues to come across thin-skinned and gotten to in these interviews, as if Moxley's defection has rattled him. Contrast with the class and professionalism shown by Roman Reigns on the topic and it's hard not to laugh at the guy.


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