WWE made a mistake with WWE SSD 50 man Battle Royal

We're guessing that Continuity Editor position was never filled in Stamford after all, as the company made another scarcely believable logical blunder at Friday's Super ShowDown catastrophe.

The ring was creaking under the weight of the throng of humanity squeezed in for the night's mammoth 50-man Battle Royal - but it turns out it needn't have been under quite so much strain.

That's because, somehow, WWE managed to enter 51 men into figurative and literal over-the-top melee.

It was hard to tot all the jobbers up on the night, but a full list of competitors after the fact clearly shows the inexplicable blunder. Now we know from attendance figures and anniversary events WWE has some considerable trouble counting, but surely this wasn't possible, right?

But then maybe it's symptomatic of the company simply no longer caring, or rightly assuming their audience don't. Frankly, the Battle Royal could have featured ten fewer no-hopers and it wouldn't have made a jot of difference. For example, did you notice Mike Kanellis was in there?

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No, us neither. And perhaps not his employers.

Ultimately, the extra man means Mansoor's shock victory was even more impressive and improbable. They'll tell him to say it was out of 50, though. Unbelievable.


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