AEW's TV show will NOT be rated PG

All Elite Wrestling have sent news to several cable providers stating that their upcoming TV show is to be rated TV-14.

The promotion and network TNT have decided to leap beyond WWE's favoured TV-PG rating in order to produce a slightly edgier, harder show, which is exactly what AEW promised shortly after their formation.

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer writes that while TNT have agreed to allow AEW to produce a more risqué show than Raw or SmackDown, they have also provided a number of specific rules relating to what lines the show can and can't cross.

AEW's weekly broadcast has also been classified as a "sports event" rather than "entertainment." Again, this is in-line with what the promotion has promised.

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AEW are yet to confirm the show's name, though it's believed that they will make an announcement sometime in the next couple of weeks. "Wednesday Night Dynamite" and "Revolution" have previously been registered as trademarks though President Tony Khan has rubbished talk of simply calling it "All Elite Wrestling."

Whether you believe WWE's PG rating to be a problem or not, it's encouraging to see AEW taking another step to differentiate themselves by going TV-14.


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