NWA president Billy Corgan addresses controversy surrounding top star

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Following the lengthy reign of dominance in the NWA from former world champion Nick Aldis, the historic promotion has since seen notable stars such as Matt Cardona and Trevor Murdoch take up the mantle as the face of NWA.

The latest of which is former WWE star Tyrus (FKA Brodus Clay), with the 50-year-old defeating Murdoch at last November’s Hard Times PPV, to win his first world championship.
While Tyrus has been around the wrestling industry for a while, he is perhaps more known for his other job, that being a panelist on Fox News.
Tyrus is a regular on Fox’s show ‘Gutfield!’ and has contributed to various other programming since 2016.

While Tyrus is not shy about expressing his right-leaning political views while on air, it does not seem to have gotten him into any hot water with his current employer.
Speaking on the Under The Ring Podcast, NWA President Billy Corgan would address Tyrus’ views and if it has impacted his role in the NWA.

Corgan said:
“Most of the heat around Tyrus is political, and as a person who’s been through some of those things myself, I tend not to pay attention to that stuff.
Not because it’s not important, but because I think a lot of that stuff… there’s a lot of energy behind it which has other agendas. And it’s not really down to the individual as much as it’s like a culture war type of thing.”

Regarding Tyrus’ wrestling work in particular Corgan would sing his praises and compare him to legendary big men from wrestling’s past.
“Tyrus brings that old-school heat an Ernie Ladd brought or an Andre the Giant brought. I mean, there’s not a lot of guys who, at that size, can bring that level of heat.”
Corgan would add that overall Tyrus is a “model employee” despite the controversy he often brings through his comments on Fox News.

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