Tony Khan reveals he tried to get AI to write an episode of AEW Dynamite

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AEW President Tony Khan has shared his thoughts on using AI when booking, revealing that he previously used ChatGPT for a creative experiment.

With recent advancements in technology, many people have been testing the capabilities of AI engines, both for leisure and in professional environments.
While it is generally feared that companies may start to utilize AI to create content rather than real people, it has been proven that for several industries, modern-day AI isn’t powerful enough to complete jobs as effectively as humans.
Speaking with CNBC, Khan noted that he’s experimented with using ChatGPT to book an episode of Dynamite.

Explaining why AI won’t be taking over the AEW creative division anytime soon, Khan said:
“It’s not insane. I’ve definitely messed around with ChatGPT and AI a decent amount. One thing about them is they take criticism and feedback very well.
“Because when I first messed around with ChatGPT and asked it about okay give me your best version of an AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite. First of all, it has limited knowledge of world events since 2021.
“So, its presentation of AEW for those people that have messed around with it, then you found that it was really looking at AEW from a couple of years ago…so, one thing was giving it an updated roster.

“Another thing I thought was interesting was asking to write a 10 segment wrestling show with 9 breaks that is 2 hours long. It’s AEW Dynamite, it knew what that was and it tied to format it out.
“It did the same thing that everybody does when they first get into wrestling and really all fans would do…is try to put too much in versus what you can actually get done in a 2-hour show.
“I saw that ChatGPT like a human being was trying to stuff too much into the show. So long story short, I re-trained it, it took the criticism very well, and then came back with alternative ideas.

“It had some solid thoughts honestly. I could see the merits of people utilizing it to check their work or come up with ideas.
“But it definitely has a limited knowledge of world events since 2021 so it’s way behind.”

AEW TV has recently been building towards this Sunday’s (June 25) AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door crossover pay-per-view.
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