Will Ospreay Championship match confirmed for AEW Double Or Nothing

Double Or Nothing
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Tonight on AEW Dynamite there was a ‘first time ever’ match called a Casino Gauntlet in which Will Ospreay won a title shot.

With commentary noting that there were 21 different wrestlers available in the back and ready to join the match, it ended up not taking that many entrants before a fall was scored causing the match to end.
In the end, Will Ospreay picked up the win but with an intriguing closing segment that would end up coming around again in the show.
When Ospreay had the opportunity to hit Kyle O’Reilly with a Tiger Driver 91, he hesitated which led to KOR getting the opportunity to reverse into an armbar.

In the end, Komander would break up the submission hold and Will would go on to capture pinfall victory after hitting Komander with the Hidden Blade.
However later in a backstage segment, Don Callis expressed disappointment in Will taking pause in hitting the move to which Ospreay retorted that he has already said he is retiring it.
Harkening back to the close of Ospreay vs. Danielson at AEW Dynasty, Ospreay remained insistent while Callis remained perturbed.

When Kyle Fletcher tried to interject on Will’s behalf, Callis dismissed him and referenced his loss in the show opener to Swerve Strickland before leaving the scene.
It was confirmed that Roderick Strong would be putting the International Championship on the line against Will Ospreay at AEW Double or Nothing on May 26.
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