Ric Flair believes MJF went 'too far' with AEW Revolution spot

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The wrestling commuity has been having discourse for three days following a controversial moment with MJF at last Sunday’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view.

MJF retreated into the crowd during the match, and ended up tossing a beverage in the face of a young fan at ringside, which was reportedly tequila instead of water as first thought.
Speaking on his To Be The Man Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair said that he believes MJF went too far with the spot, and how he’s totally against throwing anything at a child.

He said:
“Yeah. It’s cheap heat. You want to do something to get heat and get the people excited, that won’t hurt anybody, you cut yourself so deep that when you swing your hair, you throw blood all over them. That’s what I did all the time when I had long hair. Then they’d feel like they’re part of the action. They’re going, ‘S**t, this ain’t paint. This is blood’ [laughs].
“I’m totally against throwing anything at a kid. You never know, if it had ice in it and that. The liability there? I’m sure Tony did a a cartwheel at Gorilla [position].”

“That s**t wouldn’t fly at WWE. I got news for you. For something like that, if he did that that wouldn’t work in WWE for a minute.”
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