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Dax Harwood details FTR leaving WWE & signing with AEW

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Speaking on his podcast, FTR with Dax Harwood, the AEW star has detailed the process of moving from WWE to AEW alongside tag partner Cash Wheeler. The pair left WWE in April 2020 and first appeared in AEW the following month, saving The Young Bucks from an attack by the Butcher and the Blade. Harwood explains:

"[Then head of Talent Relations Mark Carrano] gave us an ultimatum - we’ll talk about it on a later episode. The ultimatum was obviously lopsided: all for [WWE], nothing for us. We lost a s*** ton of money to a lop-sided agreement for them, but as long as we could get out of our contracts that’s what we wanted.
"Two days before the [release] announcement was made online, [Carrano] called us and said ‘You don’t have to give us an answer right now. Talk about it, give me a call back.’ I called Cash. I said 'Should we talk to Cody, or the Bucks, or Tony?' He said yeah, let’s do that.

"So we sent the Bucks a text and said 'Hey, there’s a possibility that we may be leaving WWE, would you guys ever be interested in having us?' [...] We called Mark Carrano: 'Please give us our release, and thank you.' So he gave us our release.
"The following day - or whenever the contracts were cut and we got the paperwork from Mark Carrano that said we were officially released - is when we started talking contracts with Tony Khan. [...] We had no 90-day no-compete clause. That was our ask. If we give all this, and you take all this money from us, at least just let us not have the 90 days. Let us just go out and do what we need to do immediately."The former WWE star teamed with Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) during the 2018 Mixed Match Challenge, losing to Naomi & Jimmy Uso in the first round of the tournament.