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Matt Hardy calls Tony Khan 'the best boss I've ever worked for'

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An AEW star has called Tony Khan “the best boss I’ve ever worked for”.

In 2020, Matt Hardy signed with All Elite Wrestling after being released by WWE. Hardy has been in the wrestling business for over three decades.
Working for various promotions across his career, Hardy has worked under many different bosses in his time.
Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW star answered fan questions and was asked what is the best thing about working for All Elite Wrestling. Matt answered:

“The schedule is much more friendly to someone who has a family like I have. because my kids, they grow so fast. It’s crazy. It seems like yesterday Maxwell was just born, and he’s seven and a half now.”
“So time flies, and I get a lot more time at home with my kids and my wife and my family, which is really important to me in this day and age. I have a very healthy balance of like professional life and personal life.”

Explaining how the schedule is beneficial to him, Hardy praised Tony Khan as “the best boss he has ever worked for”. He said:
“I know this for a fact Tony Khan is the best boss I’ve ever worked for, because Tony looks at his wrestlers as human beings.”
“They’re not just cogs in the machine where he’s focused on what they’re going to do for him in wrestling. He realizes they have a personal life at home, especially people who have families and kids.”

“If I’m away and he knows I’m not going to be on the pay per view on Sunday and I finish at the Fan Fest on Saturday, he lets me go home on Saturday.”
“He doesn’t want to just keep you around just in case. He’s usually pretty set. So he’s very lenient, and I’m very grateful for that. If I’m not needed, he’ll let me go home and be with my kids.”

“He wants me to be with my kids. So I really appreciate and I’m very grateful for the care and love he has for people having personal lives.”
Matt Hardy last wrestled in an AEW World Trios Championships loss with The Firm’s Ethan Page and Isiah Kassidy to The Elite on the February 3 edition of AEW Rampage.