Chris Jericho working on creative pitches for other wrestlers

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Chris Jericho has opened up about his AEW backstage role, noting that he’s recently been pitching storylines for other wrestlers.

Jericho has been a big backstage presence and a top star for the company since its formation, with Le Champion becoming the inaugural AEW World Champion at All Out 2019.
Speaking with Renee Paquette on The Sessions podcast, Jericho explained that he understands how Tony Khan thinks, so has been helping to organize pitches for other wrestlers’ storylines:

“I just had a meeting this morning about a couple storylines that I’m working on with a few guys.
“They’re not even for me. They are for other people.
“I need to pitch them to Tony because I know how he thinks and I know what he wants. So it doesn’t matter what this guy, this guy, and this guy wants.

“It’s like, let’s take all these ideas and write it to pitch it to where he will either say yes or no.
“You understand this, because you’ve been around a long time.
“You got to speak the language of the people that are in charge.”

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