UFC star claims AEW doubts return after Chris Jericho altercation

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A UFC star has doubted that they will return to AEW because he tries to “hurt them for real”, citing Chris Jericho as an example.

Jorge Masvidal appeared in AEW, alongside Dan Lambert, in 2021 and intends to attend the April 26 episode of AEW Dynamite but only has a fan.
Speaking to Jim Varsallone, Masvidal addressed the likelihood of an in-ring return saying:
“I can’t tell you that I’ll be in the show or involved in the show, but as a fan I’ll definitely be there.

“If they got time to include this guy because they know that when I come for these wrestlers, none of that fake stuff, I’m trying to hurt them for real.
“Ask Chris Jericho, ask anybody that gets in the way, I’m trying to hurt them for real.
“So, if they want that heat again it’s cool, but I don’t think they wanna see me back in there after what I did.

“Tell you the truth, I’m gonna go as a fan because I love their shows. They got the rowdiest shows when it comes to pro wrestling So I’m gonna be out there just to show love.
“But I don’t think they wanna see that over there ever since I did that to Jericho… they’re kinda worried about me.”

A clip of the interaction between Jericho and Masvidal can be seen below this news story.

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