Chris Jericho comments on new AEW show coming soon?

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With ‘Switchblade’ Jay White officially becoming All-Elite on last week’s AEW Dynamite the already massive AEW talent roster got just a little bit bigger.

While the over-abundance of talent is a nice problem to have for Tony Khan it does present a problem when it comes to ensuring said talent gets represented on TV from week to week.
Despite having online only shows such as Dark and Dark Elevation and Ring of Honor TV there is only three hours of weekly AEW TV for talent to fight over, meaning rivalries and certain mid-card talent can easily get lost in the shuffle.

While there have been reports of a third wrestling show debuting in the summer there has been no official word from AEW.
However, a proverbial cat may have been let out of the bag by inaugural AEW world champion Chris Jericho, who recently appeared on the Battleground Podcast, and discussed the topic of the loaded talent roster and keeping everyone happy.

Jericho would answer with:
“I think the only bad thing, if it is a bad thing is we only have three hours of TV a week with such a huge, talented roster so, that’s something hopefully we can work on but there’s nothing wrong with having a talented roster. 

“We just need to get more reps for people which we’re doing with the House Rules. I think there’s some other news upcoming soon with more opportunities that we have to put the spotlight on more people so, you know, that’s the way it goes.”
AEW House Rules has been a welcome addition, however, an extra slot of TV time could prove even more valuable as Jericho hinted with his comments.

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