Update on AEW meeting between CM Punk, Tony Khan, Chris Jericho & more

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A little bit of clarification has emerged regarding the planned meeting between CM Punk, Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, and more AEW names.

As reported previously, the main idea behind the meeting is to see if Punk and Jericho working together is a viable option going forward.
AEW is said to be planning a new Saturday night show (likely called Collision), which Punk would be the top star of, and there’d be a brand split of sorts in place so people who don’t like each other can stay away from each other split between Dynamite and the Saturday show.
One thing that’s been unclear so far is when the aforementioned meeting would actually take place.

In the latest update, Dave Meltzer reports that, at least as of last night (April 17), the meeting hadn’t happened yet. There were no further details beyond that, but at least it’s some clarification of where things are up to.
Meltzer had included FTR on the list of names planned to be in the meeting with Punk, Khan and Jericho, and potentially some others who haven’t been named yet.
This is only speculation so far, but it would seem likely that if Punk and Jericho can agree to work together, that could end up being Punk’s first big feud to kick off the new show, which at this point is supposed to be presented on the same level as Dynamite.

As Fightful reported, Punk is expected to make his return some time around the June 21 episode of Dynamite which takes place at Wintrust Arena in his hometown of Chicago.
It’s been mentioned that it’s possible Punk’s return will be announced ahead of time rather than being a surprise, possibly at the Warner Upfront on May 17, and that would make sense to be in conjunction with an announcement of the new show.
Andrew Zarian of the Wrestling Observer reported that Warner Bros Discovery has been told Punk will be returning soon and they are well aware of the situation.

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