Chris Jericho opens up on the important thing that sells tickets

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A top AEW star has opened up on what sells tickets in an era where athleticism has “gone through the roof”.

Chris Jericho made the statement during an interview with 98 Rock Radio, using a “dream match” from March 2023 as a point of reference.
The leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society, said:

“The level of athleticism has just gone through the roof nowadays in 2023. If you watch on Dynamite few weeks ago Kenny Omega vs Vikingo from Mexico. Vikingo I never seen like, he literally goes against any type of aerodynamics or defies gravity, even just the angles and that sort of things.
“There are lot of guys like that, I remember high-flying, I do the lionsault, the second rope moonsault and that back in the day was one of the most amazing crazy move. Now it’s not a big deal.”

While Jericho can clearly appreciate the spectacle of what’s on offer, he would give insight into what brings fans to the show in the first place, stating:
“Wrestling has always been and always will be storytelling, it’s about the characters and the story you tell to get people interested.
“The moves, the amazing acrobatics blows your mind, but it’s the story that sells tickets.”

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