Jade Cargill reveals the biggest challenge of her AEW career so far

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While several of AEW’s current top storylines are focused entirely on AEW’s home-grown talent, perhaps the company’s biggest natural success story has been the ascent of Jade Cargill.

The 59-0 TBS Champion has not yet tasted defeat in singles action and was recently presented as almost the ‘face’ of AEW at the May 17 WBD upfront, with her image being used as a representation of the company’s product.
Speaking to SEScoops’ Ella Jay, Cargill spoke about how she has dealt with the comparisons and criticism thus far in her career and the lessons she has learnt thus far in her short career.

When asked about her biggest challenges, Cargill said:
“Not being so hard on myself and giving myself grace.
“And that’s something I’ve said frequently in interviews, is just not being hard on myself and knowing that I’m being compared to women who have done this for so darn long, who can figure out what works and what doesn’t work.
“I go on TV and I —  it has to work. It has to work. Everything I do has to work. So, I try to give myself grace.

“So now, I’m just at a peak that I just don’t care what people think. I work hard, regardless if you see it or not.
“I don’t have to show you s**t. You know I work hard, obviously, just by looking at me, you know I know what hard work is.
“So, just giving myself grace and not being hard on myself and not letting people — people compare me to so many women.

“If it’s not this person, it’s this person. If it’s not this person, it’s that person, and it’s like, I’m my own person, I am my own person, I love that about myself.
“So I give myself grace to not beat myself up about doing this and doing that and knowing that, only way I’m going is up.”

On how she sees her future in wrestling after achieving so much so early on, Cargill said:
“I’m going to continue to grow. I’m going to continue to get better.
“I’ve only had 59 reps ever in wrestling, and that’s wild. That’s so wild.
“So just imagine 500. Imagine 400. Imagine 300. And I’m on TV doing this, raw TV, doing this.
“So, it’s like, just give myself grace and taking it slow and just knowing that I’m great and nobody’s going to tell me what I am, what I can do and where I’ll be.”

Cargill’s next milestone of 60-0 has a major obstacle in the way at Sunday’s Double or Nothing PPV (May 28), with Taya Valkyrie once again challenging for the TBS Championship.
Unlike their first encounter on the April 26 AEW Dynamite, Valkyrie has full right to use her ‘Road to Valhalla’ finishing manoeuvre, so, the match is, certainly on paper, Cargill’s steepest test yet.

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