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'A lot' of stars unhappy with AEW women's division booking

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An update has emerged on the backstage reaction to recent booking of the AEW women’s division, following recent online criticism.

While fans have always called out AEW for how they present their women’s division, criticisms grew louder after a sign in the crowd was shown on screen during Dynamite very clearly for several seconds that read “Book the women’s division better”.
Sean Ross Sapp has now provided some insight on backstage thoughts about AEW’s women’s division booking.
During a Fightful Select Q&A session,  Sapp was asked if people internally are as negative about AEW women’s booking as fans.

Sapp replied:
“A lot of the women are.
“But there’s also a lot of people who are very aloof and like, ‘Ah, why bother’ type of stuff, and obviously, you’re never gonna win those people over no matter what.
“You’re just never gonna win those people over.”

AEW has now announced a women’s title match for the 200th episode of Dynamite on August 2.
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