Chris Jericho shares thoughts on Action Andretti current AEW run

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Chris Jericho has commented on Action Andretti’s AEW run following the rising star’s impressive Dynamite debut last year.

On the December 14, 2022 edition of Dynamite, Andretti scored a huge upset victory over Chris Jericho, ahead of AEW even signing the young star.
While Andretti did receive a push upon officially signing with the company, some have argued that Andretti has now been lost in the shuffle.
Andretti does appear regularly on ROH TV and frequently for AEW, but hasn’t scored a victory in an AEW ring since defeating Nick Comoroto on the April 3 edition of AEW Dark.

Speaking on Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho recalled his match with Andretti, revealing one aspect of the bout he would’ve changed:
“I put it together where he looked really good, and then of course I hit him with the Codebreaker. Everyone knows that’s the finish…except for it wasn’t, and he kicks out.
“What I wanted to do, much in the same vein as (Tomohiro) Ishii and the chops and Mox (Jon Moxley) in the Walls of Jericho, is I wanted him to sell it through the entire commercial break, and I was just going to sit there with a surprise look on my face.
“He didn’t quite understand that, he started moving, I was desperately trying to tell him to stop moving, and we lost the moment.

“I still claim to this day, people were so surprised when he kicked out of the Codebreaker, if I would have sat there on my knees and had that look of surprise on my face, I could have sat there for three minutes and people went nuts.
“I tell you, it would have worked. I could probably never do it again, but at that moment, I just knew, ‘Don’t move, don’t move,’ and he moved. ‘Argh,’ but it’s okay,” recalled Jericho.

Sharing his thoughts on how Andretti is currently being used, Jericho said:
“Speaking about the follow up, Jericho said, “It all depends on where you go with it. After, I threw a fireball in his face, we had some stuff with him and Ricky Starks, had him with Jericho Appreciation Society, get some wins.
“Then, the dust settles and now he’s working with Darius and Dante Martin, which is great, and you have to build yourself back up.
“He took the opportunity and ran with it, and then you come back down to earth and that’s just how the wrestling world works.”

Chris Jericho last wrestled on the August 2 edition of Dynamite, teaming with Konosuke Takeshita to defeat Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara.
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