Tony Khan addresses Jack Perry's AEW status after firing CM Punk

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Tony Khan has addressed the AEW status of Jack Perry following the news that CM Punk has been fired from the company.

The firing stems in a big way from the Punk/Perry incident that happened backstage at All In at London’s Wembley Stadium, but given the extent of the punishment, there seems to have been more to the Punk side than just that.
Tony Khan said he felt his “life was in danger” as a result of the situation.
Nonetheless, Punk was fired and Perry was not, which brings about the question of Perry’s status, which Khan has now addressed.

During the post-All Out media scrum, Khan was asked about Perry, and replied:
“He’s been suspended indefinitely.
“I think we’ve suspended everybody in that investigation and then took further action after that based on what happened and came out of the investigation.
“But as for Jack, we suspended Jack as a participant in an incident backstage and Jack hasn’t been around, but that’s all I can say about it.
“But at the time, we did suspend him and he hasn’t been at AEW since AEW All In backstage in London.”

Perry seemingly prompted Punk’s backstage blowup with his comment to the camera about using real glass during his All In pre-show match with HOOK, weeks after Punk had advised him not to use real glass for a pre-taped segment.
As Khan noted, Perry has not been at any AEW shows since the incident.
He’s also not made any public comments.
We’ll keep you posted with any further updates.

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