AEW locker room 'resentment' towards top star over push & relationship with Tony Khan?

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Following AEW’s release of CM Punk some new information has revealed that a top star in the company may have been the subject of similar “resentment” within the locker room, in relation to their push and their “close” relationship with AEW CEO Tony Khan.

Writing in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed at length the circumstances that led to AEW terminating Punk’s AEW contract.
While discussing Punk’s drawing power and how that led to him gaining more power than others in the locker room, Meltzer revealed that AEW World Champion MJF may have been subject to similar “resentment” from other talents as he was elevated to the top of the roster.

Meltzer writes:
But Punk’s ability to draw at a level above everyone else on the roster gave him more power than the other wrestlers. And that was also what led to resentment.
Some of that was just natural in pro wrestling as to a degree when MJF became the top guy, there was similar stuff because of the feeling he and Khan were close, but just like it was with Vince McMahon and most of his top guys historically.

Despite this, Meltzer also notes that this sentiment among talents is nothing overly new in the business continuing:
It’s simply a part of wrestling and exists, but in most cases, it’s nothing noteworthy.

MJF has consistently touted his drawing power through his AEW career, especially now as his current partnership with Adam Cole has proven to be a ratings success.
The AEW World Champion’s next challenger will be determined via a tournament, with the winner facing off with MJF at Dynamite Grand Slam on September 20.
Following a very tense exchange on this week’s Dynamite (September 6) MJF sent a message to perhaps the favorite to win the entire thing Samoa Joe – click here to read on.

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