Bryan Danielson discusses relationship with Tony Khan

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Bryan Danielson made his debut for AEW at the climax of the All Out event back in 2021.

Since then, he has been one of the top stars of the promotion, including having a hand with some of the creative direction for Collision.
Tony Khan has a lot of trust in Danielson, as he named him as the person he would entrust AEW to should he be unable to book a show.
Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Danielson spoke about his relationship with Tony Khan.

He said:
“Even if I never wrestled in AEW again, I feel like me and Tony will still talk. We get along so well. Both of us relate to the world through wrestling. We’ll be talking about something in the world, then he’ll bring up a reference that so few people know, but I’ll know. I enjoy being around him, I enjoy his company. To me, that’s friendship.
“We’ve connected and we’ve developed loyalty. He’s someone who has been there for me in hard times, and I want to be there for him, too. That’s a friendship outside the lens of making a wrestling show.”

Bryan also discussed CM Punk’s AEW departure during the interview, which you can see here.
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