AEW's Will Ospreay shares honest thoughts on WWE's Triple H after trading shots

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AEW star Will Ospreay has shared his honest thoughts on WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H following their recent shots at one another.

Following the likes of Ospreay, Mercedes Mone and Kazuchika Okada choosing to sign with AEW over WWE, Triple H seemingly took a shot at Ospreay on the Pat McAfee Show on April 5, 2024. Appearing to suggest that Will Ospreay didn’t want the grind associated with WWE’s schedule, Triple H said:
“If they’re not here to be all in on this – like, when I see people that come out of trying to make it and then they pick the job where they go, ‘Well, they work less, the schedule’s lighter’.”

Will Ospreay responded on the April 10 Dynamite episode, stating in a promo that the person who took a shot at him for not wanting the grind only got to where they are in the company by “grinding on the boss’s daughter.”
Speaking with Adrian Hernandez, Ospreay noted that he actually likes Triple H, and only fired his shot because Triple H fired first.

Commenting on the situation, Ospreay said:
“It is what it is. Everyone sent it to me and people were saying — people within the company were saying, ‘Yeah, that was about you.’ I’m over it now. I’ve said my bit. And the thing is, my thing was just like funny.
“Everyone I feel like took it way too personally. All these old f**ks that like have a podcast and they think they know everything. I couldn’t give a f**k about these guys, man. As soon as it was said, I fired back. And it should just be done. At the end of it, no harm done.

“And the thing is, I f**king like Triple H, man. I like Triple H. It was a little bit hard hearing that s**t. I was nothing but respectful in all the f**king talks, man. I have my own mission, I have my own objectives, I have my own goals.
“Just because it doesn’t fit in with your things, that doesn’t mean people should be firing (shots) my way. I come from a generation — you fire one at me, I fire one back.”

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