Clarification on Bryan Danielson AEW Collision role

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Bryan Danielson has provided clarification on his current AEW role, following rumors that he had taken on a bigger role with the Collision brand.

It was previously reported that Danielson was more ‘hands on’ with creative plans for Collision, fuelling speculation that Danielson was actually an official member of the AEW creative team.
More recently, Tony Khan has noted that he’d tell his father to turn to Bryan Danielson if he was ever incapacitated and needed someone else to run an AEW show.
During the post-WrestleDream media scrum, Danielson clarified that he doesn’t have an official role backstage.

Noting that he just tries to consume all the wrestling he can, Danielson said:
“My role on Collision is… Me and Tony (Khan) talk about it a lot, but it’s like, there’s no official role there. I try to watch everything that I can, because and especially, we’ll stay late after Collision until the end of the Ring of Honor tapings.
“I like to watch all of the Ring of Honor matches because I wanna know who within the umbrella of our company is doing really good work, but I also wanna see the independent talent we’re bringing in for just a show or whatever, because sometimes I see people and I’m like ‘oh wow.’ 

Danielson also commented on the possibility of his wife Brie Garcia (Brie Bella) joining AEW, which you can read more about right here.
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