Bryan Danielson opens up on role in AEW Collision creative

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When AEW Collision was launched back in June, it was done so as a way to bring CM Punk back to the company, with him having a lot of creative control on the show.

However, following Punk’s termination from the company, Bryan Danielson was said to have stepped up for the show, with him reportedly joining the creative team for Collision.
Speaking on Sports Nightly, Danielson discussed his role on creative, believing that it has been ‘overstated’ by reports, detailing his role in the creative.

He said:
“I think it’s probably a little overstated. People ask me about it all the time, and I really don’t do that much extra. Sometimes Tony asks me about certain ideas — or whatever — for “Collision,” and sometimes he doesn’t. He’s a very busy man. Football season has started … I hear a lot less from him during football season.”
“It’s one of those things where these shows are still Tony Khan-produced shows, most of these ideas are Tony Khan’s ideas.”

Danielson recently announced his plan to end his full-time in-ring career next year, with him defeating Zack Sabre Jr in a dream match at WrestleDream.
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