Bryan Danielson injury update ahead of AEW WrestleDream 2023

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A recent interview with Bryan Danielson has provided an injury update ahead of AEW WrestleDream on October 1, 2023.

On September 9, Zack Sabre Jr. challenged Danielson to a match at AEW WrestleDream, with the NJPW star making it clear what he thinks of Danielson’s physical condition.
Danielson suffered a forearm fracture at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door in his match against Kazuchika Okada on June 25, 2023.
He would face Ricky Starks at AEW All Out on September 3 but would reveal that Starks carried him through the match that had “a lot of smoke and mirrors.”
Recently, the feud between the pair would see Starks and Danielson in a Texas Death Match on AEW Collision.

In an interview with the New York Post, Danielson’s current medical status for AEW WrestleDream would be revealed with Joseph Staszewski writing:
“The restrictions Danielson worked under during those matches are off for Sunday as he is “fully cleared,” but he knows he still needs to be careful as he continues to rehab.”

Staszewski quotes Danielson as saying:
“Our doctors would still not like me to do certain things, but from like two weeks ago when I had the tag match the strength in my hand is coming back way faster than they thought it would, the mobility and all that stuff.
“I still have to be cautious probably for the next year or so. They put a steel rod in my arm.
“One of the things they said is that it actually makes it more likely to break not where it broke before, but where the end of the rod is. It’s like a fulcrum for the bone to bend against.”

Highlights from the Texas Death Match from the September 23 episode of AEW Collision can be seen below this news story.
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