Jeff Cobb set for AEW Dynamite appearance?

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AEW announced that the second annual Forbidden Door show for Toronto this Summer, and we could be seeing our first piece of Forbidden Door goodness very soon.

Kenny Omega won the IWGP United States Championship from Will Ospreay back at Wrestle Kingdom 17, and his next challenger appears to have made himself known.
Jeff Cobb has been calling out Omega in recent weeks, and he spoke following his New Japan Cup final match earlier today, discussing the backlash he received from fans following his callouts to Omega.

He said:
“When my New Japan Cup ended, I set my sights to my goal before the New Japan Cup started, and that is you, Kenny. I tried countless times for you to accept the challenge from me. I’ve done everything. I’ve mocked you. I copied you, I mimicked you, and nothing came about it. The one thing that did come about it was a lot of backlash, Kenny.
“The funny thing is, it wasn’t backlash from you. It was backlash from Twitter people. Honestly, to be quite honest with you, it shook me. For Twitter to be angry at me because I mimicked and I teased Kenny Omega. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really could give a f**k what Twitter thinks.
“You see, Twitter isn’t a real place. The real place is in that ring. Now Kenny, you have been dodging me and dodging me and f**king dodging me for a month. Yeah, I said it. Twitter is f**king fake. Kenny Omega/Jeff Cobb, that’s real.”

Continuing on, Cobb then teased that he would be coming to St. Louis to ‘knock on’ Kenny’s door.
He added:
“Now Kenny, you can either accept my challenge, which you haven’t done in multiple, multiple, multiple times. So the last and final warning, it’s not even a warning, I am telling you firsthand, I’m coming to St. Louis, and I’m gonna knock on your door.
“I’m gonna find the EVPs’ dressing room, knock on it, and see if you let me in because I’m done with the trash-talking. I’m done with Twitter attacks because we all know how you handle, oh so well, verbal beatdown.

“So Kenny, I’ll see you in St. Louis. Knock, knock, knock, Kenny. Let me in, please.”
Next week’s (March 29) episode of AEW Dynamite is set to be held in St Louis, Missouri.

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