New pitch for AEW talent to work in in NJPW

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A new pitch has been made by a NJPW star for AEW to increase its talents’ presence in Japan going forward, citing its benefits in gaining experience, especially for younger members of the roster.

Rocky Romero, who despite being a NJPW talent, has featured regularly on AEW TV since 2021 and has been a key component of the two promotions’ working relationship.
Romero carries an important role as a liaison for NJPW, helping with the company’s international expansion, however, in a recent appearance on the AEW Unrestricted podcast Romero stated that he believes that AEW stars could too benefit from some time overseas, specifically Japan.

Romero said:
“I hope that we will see more AEW wrestlers, especially the younger talent, coming over to Japan and working in New Japan and getting those reps in so they can come back.”
“Almost like in New Japan, they have a thing where they send young wrestlers, rookie wrestlers, on an excursion.
“I think New Japan could be a thing for that for certain talents to come over.”

Many top AEW names such as Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley are no stranger to NJPW, however, as Romero suggests it is the younger stars who could perhaps benefit most.
AEW and NJPW’s second annual Forbidden Door event was a massive success, earning AEW’s highest live gate of all-time, however, the event’s top match between Kazuchika Okada and Bryan Danielson may have come at a severe cost as Danielson suffered a broken arm during the contest.

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