Josh Alexander hoped IMPACT would change their mind about his first world title reign

Impact Wrestling
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Josh Alexander's first reign as IMPACT World Champion while memorable, wasn't exactly long. The Walking Weapon won the gold from Christian Cage at Bound for Glory 2021 but he ended up losing the title only minutes later as Moose called his shot and pinned Alexander in front of his wife and son. 

Speaking about the incredibly short title reign on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Alexander admitted he knew he would be losing the belt in minutes. That didn't stop him from hoping IMPACT Wrestling would change their mind. 
"It was pretty much exactly like that. It was hey, we're thinking you and Christian at Bound for Glory in the main event. That was just like, this probably like summertime, like, August or July, when they said this. I went, oh damn, okay, you know, that sounds really cool and like a big opportunity. And they go, but you know, Moose is gonna cash in and take it right off you immediately. Okay, cool, whatever, it doesn’t matter to me. And like, it's, I don't write the show, you know what I mean? Like, I trust you guys," Alexander said.

"And you know, the whole time leading up to that for the next three months, you're just like; hopefully, they change their mind, man, that'd be cool if they change their mind. You know, that's in the back of your head. But then, you know, it all happened how it happened, and I think everything, you know, I'm not an everything happens for a reason guy, but like, definitely look at the pieces of things that have happened along the course of my career to put me in the place I'm sitting right now. I think everything has kind of happened the way it should have, you know, to maximise everything that's happening my life now." 
Alexander would ultimately regain the IMPACT World Championship in April 2022, defeating Moose at the Rebellion pay-per-view. Josh Alexander has remained champion ever since. 

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