Allysin Kay reveals The Hex are free agents

Impact Wrestling
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The Hex recently returned to IMPACT Wrestling, with the team of Allysin Kay and Marti Belle quickly stating their intentions to reign as IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

However, during an interview with WrestleZone, Kay revealed that the pair are still free agents:
“Marti and I are free agents, so we are free to go wherever we want and pretty much do whatever we want. That’s kind of what we’ve been doing almost our entire career. I feel like I’ve been an indie wrestler my entire career, even including my first time at IMPACT, because I was allowed to still do the indies, so I never left. I never left the indies. I’ve always had to balance all the promotions at once and my own schedule and be my own assistant, my own agent. So, at this point, it’s really muscle memory. It’s not anything that I have to — it’s not difficult to balance because we’re free agents is really the long story short,” said Kay.

The Hex are former NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions, but Marti Belle wants gold in IMPACT to add to her trophy case:
“I’m just saying, I’ve never held a title at IMPACT Wrestling and the Digital Media Championship is out there. I can add one in the Knockouts World Championship. When The Hex wants something, we don’t just want a little piece, we want the whole pie. So, like I said, no one is safe. That title that Joe Hendry has right now, I don’t know, that would look great in one of our offices. The Knockouts Championship, everybody knows how much I love and respect Mickie James, but what better way to show someone how much you respect them than to beat the crap out of them? So, I don’t know, really, the sky’s the limit for what The Hex can do,” said Belle.

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