Athena says she needs a match with Trinity Fatu

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After a series of epic matches on Ring of Honor’s new weekly show on Honor Club, has Athena set her sights on a big name free agent opponent?

Appearing on Renee Paquette’s podcast, The Sessions, ROH Women’s World Champion Athena made it clear that one highly sought after free agent in professional wrestling is the real deal.
Describing her friendship with Trinity Fatu and how she came to be backstage at ROH Supercard of Honor, Athena said:

“I love Trin, first off. Trin and I didn’t get to have a lot of interactions in WWE,”
“After I got released, she like stayed in touch, which is very important to me. We talk almost every day. When we both found out we were in town, we were like ‘We gotta see each other!'”

Athena said that she invited Trinity to the show and was happy she was there however she did catch a stray look from Fatu that led her to believe their paths could cross in the ring again.
And also that the rest of the professional wrestling world is not ready!
Athena went on to say:

“I remember being post-match and I raised the belt up and I was like ‘Yeah!’ and I look at Trin and she’s mean-mugging me!”
“She’s one of those people that I need that match with, I wanna see what she can do because, this is coming from someone that shared a ring with her … y’all ain’t ready for Trinity. You really aren’t.”

We’ll have to wait and see where we will be able to see Trinity Fatu (formerly Naomi) next however she has also been known to hang out with another AEW star, TBS Champion Jade Cargill.
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