WWE Night Of Champions 2023

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WWE Night Of Champions 2023 Results

World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles
Rollins showboats and gets the crowd to sing his theme before they lock up. Styles connects with a dropkick and sends Rollins to the floor. Rollins regains his composure and they tie up, with Styles gaining control. Rollins sends him into the corner and goes for a superplex but Styles blocks and shoves him back. They trade punches, then Styles gets a near fall after a spike DDT. Styles sets up in the corner but Rollins boots him back and gets a near fall. Rollins counters a Styles Clash attempt with a buckle bomb, then follows with a splash for two.
Styles comes back with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for two and goes for Styles Clash from the second turnbuckle. Rollins counters and hits some mounted punches, then he hits an inverted superplex and an inverted sitout DDT. Styles and Rollins end up on the apron and Styles hits a brainbuster on the edge of the ring. Both guys make it in to beat the count, and Styles immediately goes for a Calf Crusher. Styles and Rollins slug it out and trade headbutts, then Styles surprises everyone by hitting a Pedigree for a two count.
Styles gets caught with a superkick during a Phenomenal Forearm attempt. Rollins goes for The Stomp but his knee gives out. Styles goes for a Calf Crusher but Rollins counters, hits a Pedigree and The Stomp and makes the cover.
Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion – Seth Rollins
Triple H presented the title to Rollins in the ring and shook his hand before leaving Rollins to celebrate.

Trish Stratus vs. Becky Lynch
Becky just stares at Trish, who mocks her and asks what’s going on. Becky decks her with a stiff right hand and stomps her in the corner. Trish retreats outside, but Becky goes right after her with a baseball slide kick. Trish sidesteps her and whips Becky into the stairs. Trish goes up top and taunts Becky, who responds with a punch to the face. Trish regains control and slams Becky’s face on the mat and punches her in the back.
After several minutes, Becky regains control with a tackle and a shoulder slam, followed by a Bexploder suplex. Trish ends up on the floor, but Becky is quick to follow. She attacks Trish and tries to roll her back in but Trish hits a headscissors into the ringpost. Trish gets another near fall back inside before punching Becky in the face. Trish hits a headscissors out of the corner, but she’s mad she only got a two count on a pin attempt. Becky blocks Stratusfaction and heads up top and connects with Diamond Dust. Becky goes right back up top and hits a legdrop for two.
Trish fights back and goes for another top rope headscissors, but Becky blocks it and puts her in a Boston Crab. Trish crawls to the ropes to break the hold and crawls outside. Becky gives chase and jumps off the steps, but Trish kicks her in the stomach. Becky beats the ref’s count back in, but Trish hits a Chick Kick for two. Becky catches Trish in the Disarmher, but Trish gets out by pulling her hair. Becky hits a Manhandle Slam, but Trish gets her foot on the ropes to break the count. Trish goes under the ring but Becky pulls her back into the ring. Zoey Stark crawls from under the ring and hits Becky with her Z360 finisher behind the referee’s back. Stark rolls Becky back in, then Trish hits Stratusfaction for the win.
Winner – Trish Stratus

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Gunther (c) vs. Mustafa Ali
Gunther ragdolls Ali across the ring. Ali comes back with some boots to the face but Gunther shakes it off and slams Ali down. Ali fights back but Gunther chops the heck out of him and taunts the crowd. Ali continues to fight back and boots Gunther in the face, but Gunther slams him down and applies a Boston Crab. Ali fights out, but Gunther repeatedly chops him in the center of the ring. Ali unloads with a flurry of punches and hits a rolling neckbreaker before heading up top.
Gunther meets him with a chop and applies a double underhook hold, but Ali continues to fight back. Ali goes for a sunset flip but Gunther blocks it. Ali instead hits a powerbomb and goes back up top and hits a 450 for two. Gunther takes Ali’s head off with a clothesline, then he screams at Ali to stay down. Ali connects with a kick and a tornado DDT and heads up top. Gunther hits a dropkick and a powerbomb and wins it.
Winner – Gunther

RAW Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka
Asuka attacks Bianca at the bell, but Bianca responds right away with some mounted punches. Bianca hits a shoulder tackle and dares Asuka to keep coming. Asuka counters a leapfrog and dropkicks Bianca in the ribs. Asuka ends up whipping Bianca into the steps on the floor, then brings her back in and hits a release German suplex. Asuka grounds Bianca and applies an armbar, then Bianca finally fights back and hits some mounted punches in the corner. Asuka yanks on Bianca’s braid, but Bianca pulls back and knees her in the back. Bianca hits a springboard splash for two, then Asuka throws a few kicks and heads up top.
Asuka hits a dropkick and applies an armbar, but Bianca rolls through and goes for a powerbomb. Asuka breaks free and charges, but Bianca hits a spinebuster for two. After a few near fall pin attempts from each competitor, Bianca pummels Asuka in the corner. The referee tries to back her away, and Asuka tries to mist her behind the ref’s back. Bianca goes for the KOD but Asuka ducks and applies an armbar. Bianca powers to her feet and slams Asuka on her back, then Asuka goes to the ropes. Asuka spits mist on her hands and rubs it in Bianca’s eyes when she’s in position for the KOD. Asuka kicks her in the head twice and makes the cover.
Winner and NEW RAW Women’s Champion – Asuka

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya
Dominik distracts Natalya before things can get underway. Rhea uses the opportunity to attack Natalya, hitting her from behind and whipping her into the ring steps. Rhea gets her back in the ring and hits Riptide for the quick, yet decisive win.
Winner – Rhea Ripley

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar
Cody asks Brock if he wants to fight and lures him outside. Cody stomps Brock on the way back in the ring, but Brock shakes it off and suplexes him twice. Brock rams his shoulder into Cody and hits another suplex, then Cody starts punching Brock with his left arm, which is in a titanium brace. Cody sends Brock outside and hits him in the face again, then he connects with an axehandle smash with the brace for two. Cody connects with a Disaster Kick, then follows with a Cody Cutter for two.
Cody hits Cross Rhodes, then Lesnar makes it to his feet so Cody psyches himself up and hits a second one. Cody aims for a third but Brock turns and gets him in a Kimura lock. Cody rolls forward and tries to get a pinfall, but Brock gets his shoulder up and keeps the Kimura applied. Cody tries to roll again, but Brock uses his momentum to keep the hold applied from a seated position and Cody starts to fade. The ref checks Cody’s arm, but Cody is still in it and reaches for the ropes. He finally gets the bottom rope, and Brock is forced to break the hold.
Brock goes for an F-5, but Cody counters and hits another Cross Rhodes for two. Cody smashes Brock in the face with his brace, but Brock just powers to his feet and hits an F-5. Cody somehow kicks out, and Brock can’t believe it. Brock goes right back to the Kimura and ends up putting Cody out to win the bout.
Winner – Brock Lesnar

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa
Roman wants the tag, and Sami elects to start. Roman instead leaves the ring and screams that he never should have let Sami in the Bloodline. Solo ties up with Sami and chops him in the corner, then Roman gets in and slowly starts to pick apart Sami. Roman yells at the referee to count faster after a “slow” near fall, then Solo gets back in and stomps Sami and taunts the crowd. The action spills to the floor, and Sami sends Roman and Solo into the commentary table before desperately trying to make a tag.
Solo cuts him off and punches him in the corner, but Sami counters with a tornado DDT. Sami finally gets the tag, and KO runs in and stomps Roman. Owens gives chase as Roman rolls outside, and he throws him back in the ring and hits a superkick. Solo stops KO from hitting a cannonball, then Roman goes for a Superman punch. Owens ducks and hits a pop-up powerbomb for two, then heads up top and hits a frog splash for two.
KO goes for a Stunner but Solo stops him, then Roman connects with a Superman punch for two. Owens blocks a spear with a kick to the head, then hits a Stunner but Roman bounces off the ropes and hits a spear out of instinct. KO and Roman make the tag and Sami and Solo slug it out in the middle of the ring. Sami leapfrogs Solo and clotheslines him to the floor, then hits a somersault dive over the ropes to take out Solo. Sami rolls him back in and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for two, then he calls for a Helluva Kick and eats a thrust kick instead.
Sami blocks a Samoan Spike and hits an Exploder Suplex, then he hits the Helluva Kick but Roman breaks up the pin attempt. Roman pummels Sami before the ref tells him to leave, but Sami fights him and whips Roman into the corner. Roman charges back and ends up spearing the referee. Sami hits Roman with a Superman punch, then he goes for another but Roman gets up and hits him first. KO runs back in and stuns Roman, then whips him outside and slams his head into the barricade. Owens takes the commentary table apart and gets on top, but The Usos run in from behind and superkick him. The Usos throw the commentary table on Owens, then they take turns superkicking Zayn. They go for an in-stereo superkick, but Zayn avoids it and they hit Solo instead!
Reigns sees it and he’s livid, and he screams about them being there. Reigns attacks Jimmy, then he says there’s no more day one and shoves Jey. Jimmy superkicks Roman and Jey asks why he did that, and Jimmy says it’s what they should have done a long time ago. Jimmy superkicks Roman out of the ring and says they need to leave. KO and Sami run back in and attack Solo, with Sami getting the pin after hitting a Helluva Kick.
Winners – Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

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