Impact Wrestling 8th of June 2023

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IMPACT Wrestling Results – June 8, 2023, welcome to JJA Sport Studio’s coverage of IMPACT Wrestling!

The show kicks off with a recap video of last week’s events, which set up a majority of the card for Against All Odds.
Ahead of the opening match, John Skyler cuts a promo on how The Good Hands will win the Impact Tag Team titles on Friday night.

Chris Bey vs. Jason Hotch
Hotch goes for a headlock right away and then shoulder tackles Bey. Bey takes Hotch down and charges the corner to no avail. Bey runs around the ring while dropkicking Hotch to ground him. Bey chops in the corner and tries for a suplex, but Hotch turns it into a brief waist lock. Hotch manages to dump Bey out of the ring. Ace keeps an eye on Skyler outside as Bey gets to his feet. Hotch dropkicks him off the apron before tossing him back in for a cover.
Hotch goes up top but rolls through as Bey rolls away. They meet in the middle again with strikes as Bey build momentum with a clothesline. Bey hits a flatliner off the ropes for a nearfall. Hotch tries a roll up but then eats a kick to the head. Hotch catches Bey out of midair with a blue thunder bomb. Hotch keeps Bey grounded and attempts covers. Hotch takes his time getting Bey up, which allows Bey to get offense in. Hotch backslides, but then Bey counters with his own pin to steal the three.
Winner: Chris Bey
Skyler immediately attacks Bey, which leads to Austin and Myers getting involved as The Good Hands have the numbers advantage. Myers hits Ace with Roster Cut, but then Bey charges. Good Hands double team Bey to make a statement.

Heath talks to Gia Miller about how Steve Maclin injured Rhino. Heath says his plan is to win the 8-4-1 match at AAO so he can beat Maclin for the world title at Slammiversary. Heath then sends a message to Singh for their match tonight.

Another vignette for heel Dirty Dango airs.

Heath vs. Champagne Singh
Heath charges Singh right off the bat and does a running elbow splash in the corner. Heath slides out and punches Shera a few times, but then Shera grabs Heath’s foot as he tries reentering the ring. Singh is able to take Heath down by chopping the leg and stomping on his foot in the ropes. Singh grounds Heath with a headlock. Heath breaks free and powerslams Singh after striking Shera again. Heath connects with Wake Up Call for the win.
Winner: Heath

The Design cut a promo backstage. They tell Sami that he doesn’t realize what he’s done. Angels recalls not trusting him. Deaner says he’s going to take everything from Sami at Against All Odds.

Joe Hendry cuts a promo on Sheldon Jean ahead of their match.
Joe Hendry vs. Sheldon Jean
Jean goes for a boot, but Hendry chops away. Hendry body slams Jean before Kenny King tries tripping the champ. Jean pump kicks Hendry off the distraction and then unloads with punches. Jean backdrops Hendry and covers. Hendry turns it around with uppercuts and then a cutter. Fallaway slam connects before King gets on the apron. Jean kicks Hendry in the gut but then runs into a pop up powerbomb. Hendry hits Standing Ovation chokeslam for the win.
Winner: Joe Hendry
Hendry gets on the mic and calls out Dango ahead of their rematch tomorrow. Dango says he doesn’t get paid enough to work on his day off. Hendry counters by saying he made a video for Dango. The video references beating Jericho, teaming with Breeze, chasing Summer Rae and Eva Marie on Total Divas. The song calls him a Divas Reject repeatedly.
King and Jean attack Hendry from behind, and Dango joins the attack. Santino runs down and Jean pokes him a couple times. Jean backs up into Hendry as Santino pulls out the cobra and strikes him.

A vignette for Gisele Shaw and Co. airs as she discusses taking Jordynne Grace out indefinitely. She tells Trinity that she will be taking the spotlight back at AAO.

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: The Coven (c) vs. Death Dollz
Wilde throws punches at Jessicka, but then Jessicka throws Wilde in the corner for a splash. Wilde escapes and tags in KiLynn, who points to Rush. Jessicka tags out as King shoves Rush. Rush takes King down to attempt the sharpshooter. King reaches the rope and then boots Rush in the head. Rush gets flapjacked into the top rope, allowing Wilde to attack while the ref is turned around. King hits a twisting neckbreaker for a cover. Wilde comes in and applies a chokehold on the mat. Rush tries a cover out of it.
Jessicka comes in with clotheslines and kicks to Wilde. Jessicka drops Wilde but then gets tripped by King. Wilde takes control in the Coven’s corner before tagging out. Coven hits corner clotheslines and then King hits a running double knees. King cuts Jessicka off with a cutter, cover. Rush and King meet in the middle as Rush hits a headscissor takedown and then a bulldog, cover. Wilde gets the tag but Rush traps her in the Sharpshooter. King and Jessicka fall out of the ring as Wilde taps, but the ref is distracted. Rush gets hit by King, allowing The Coven to double team Rush with a running boot. Wilde stacks on top for the three.
Winners: The Coven (c)

A vignette airs for Alex Shelley challenging for the world title tomorrow night. He names all the people that he helped elevate including Rollins, Gargano, The Young Bucks, and more.

Steve Maclin responds to Shelley in a backstage interview with Gia Miller. He says he knows challengers are coming from every side as Bully Ray walks up and reminds the champ that he needs to worry about him, but not until Slammiversary.

We see footage of Masha Slamovich attacking two women during the BTI match.

Trey Miguel vs. Bhupinder Gujjar
They lockup to start. Gujjar tries a headlock and then twists the left wrist. Trey breaks free for a bit but Gujjar splashes him in the corner. Trey escapes a second splash but then gets kicked in the head. Trey rolls out to recover. Gujjar goes to slide out but Trey cuts him off in the ropes. Trey splashes back in and moonsaults for a cover. Gujjar works his way to his feet but Trey kicks him off the apron. Gujjar ducks a clothesline and hits a high knee upon returning. Gujjar flapjacks Trey but then the champ came back with kicks. Trey goes up top and tries meteora, but Gujjar evades. Trey hits Lightning Spiral neckbreaker for the win.
Winner: Trey Miguel
Trey gets on the mic and says he’s the greatest to do it, but always gets met with “yeah, but.” He says Sabin could’ve been a generational talent and promises he’ll retain on Friday.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviews Johnny Swinger about his win streak that hasn’t started yet. 

Gia Miller then sits down with Trinity and Deonna at the same time. Trinity says she is excited to prove herself at Slammiversary. Deonna appreciates her confidence, but she knows many have tried and failed to dethrone her. Gia then pivots to Shaw, Vidal, and Evans. Deonna says she’s beaten them multiple times. Deonna says their tag match will be an opportunity to scout each other. Trinity says she can be trusted because they need to focus on winning the tag match. Gia asks if they can coexist, and Deonna reminds her she’s a former tag champ. Trinity says Deonna should be worried come Slammiversary.

Nick Aldis & Jonathan Gresham vs. Moose & Rich Swann
Swann and Gresham start the bout. Swann gets in a dropkick, prompting Gresham to tag Aldis. Nick gets taken down with headscissors twice but then attempts a leg lock. Swann escapes and tags out. Moose kicks Aldis in the gut and then chops in the corner. Aldis comes back with a Thesz press and then works the left arm on the mat. After the break, Gresham pulls Moose into the corner to tag Aldis. Aldis continues picking Moose’s left arm apart as they continue making tags. Moose breaks free by bodyslamming Gresham before tagging out.
Swann hits a splash on Gresham. Gresham gets back to his feet and punches a couple times. Moose is able to pull Gresham down before tagging back in. Moose launches Gresham into the turnbuckle with force and then cheap shots Aldis. Swann is tagged and he kicks Gresham in the gut. Moose returns with a German suplex and then a stalling one. Swann refuses the tag before Gresham kicks Moose in the face. Gresham rolls through to tag Aldis.
Aldis hits a big clothesline to knock Moose down. Aldis eats a corner boot but then hits a michinoku driver. Aldis connects with the elbow drop from the top for a nearfall. Aldis and Moose tag out. Swann gets backslid after kicking Aldis. Gresham stacks on Swann for another attempt. Swann hits the springboard cutter, nearfall. Swann goes up top but gets in an argument with Moose. Gresham is able to slam Swann, but Moose is legal. Moose powerbombs Gresham and pins for the three.
Winners: Moose & Rich Swann
Moose and Swann argue until Gresham shoves Moose. Moose slaps him and then boots Swann. Aldis throws punches, but Moose knocks him back. Heath helps Aldis but then they duke it out. Swann rolls back in and fires up only for Bully Ray to slam him down. PCO runs out and trades blows with Bully. PCO dives through the ropes onto the group except for Bully. PCO stands tall to close the show.

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