IMPACT Against All Odds 2023

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IMPACT Wrestling delivered an action-packed show with IMPACT Against All Odds on June 9.

In the main event, Alex Shelley challenged Steve Maclin for the IMPACT World Championship.
The results are as follows:
Countdown to Against All Odds

KiLynn King (with Taylor Wilde) def. Nevaeh
In a promo, Sami Callihan hypes up oVe’s return and looks ahead to their match with The Design.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) def. Dirty Dango
IMPACT Director of Authority Santino Marella joined the commentary team for the match.

Main Show

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) are shown; they arrive at the venue and enter the building.

Eddie Edwards (with Alisha Edwards) vs. Frankie Kazarian
The veterans lock up and feel each other out, as they trade some technical maneuvers early on. Kazarian gains a brief advantage with a neckbreaker. Edwards sends Kazarian crashing to the outside. Kazarian gets distracted by Alisha, and Edwards attacks him from behind. Alisha interferes again, and Edwards continues to control the match. Kazarian rallies and gains the upper hand. Edwards sends him to the outside again and dives onto him. They keep battling, and Kazarian pushes Eddie to send him crashing to the floor. Kazarian hits a hurricanrana.
A DDT and a clothesline earn Kazarian a two-count. He hits a springboard legdrop for a two-count. Eddie catches Kazarian with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Kazarian hits a modified piledriver, but Alisha puts Eddie’s foot on the ropes. Alisha gets ejected from ringside.
Kazarian scores the win with a sneaky roll-up.
Winner: Frankie Kazarian

In an interview, Nick Aldis, Bully Ray, Heath, and Jonathan Gresham look forward to the 8-4-1 match.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: ABC (Chris Bey & Ace Austin) (c) vs. The Good Hands (John Skyler & Jason Hotch) (with Brian Myers)
Myers cuts a promo as the challengers make their way to the ring. Skyler notes that they have learned a lot from Myers, and they’re going to prove it by winning the gold. Skyler and Bey start the bout and feel each other out. Bey takes control and maintains the advantage, even after Hotch tags in. The champions double-team Hotch. He heads to the outside to regroup. Skyler blindsides Austin and gains the upper hand. He grounds Austin, and the champions gang up on him. Bey makes the hot tag and gains momentum. He gets a two-count with a Code Red. Austin accidentally kicks Bey. A Spear earns Hotch a two-count. Austin gets sent to the outside, and he collides with Myers.
Hotch hits a moonsault onto Austin at ringside. Bey dives onto The Good Hands. Myers attacks Austin with the title belt. Bey gets sent shoulder-first into the ringside. The champions rally, and Austin gets the pin with The Fold.
IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: ABC (Chris Bey & Ace Austin)

Deonna Purrazzo and Trinity discuss their tag team match later in the show.

Dog Collar Match: Killer Kelly vs. Masha Slamovich
Slamovich drives Kelly to the mat and takes control. Masha chokes Kelly with the chain. Slamovich maintains the advantage and rakes the chain on Kelly’s face. Masha continues to dominate the match early on. Both competitors are down after a clothesline. Kelly begins to string together some momentum, and she hits a cannonball in the corner. She plants Masha with a DDT. Masha sends Kelly to the outside and chokes her with the chain. Kelly counters the Snowplow and locks in a sleeper hold. Slamovich escapes. Kelly gets a two count with the Snowplow. Slamovich gets the win with the Snowplow.
Winner: Masha Slamovich

In an interview, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin discuss their respective title matches.

IMPACT X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Chris Sabin
Miguel heads to the outside, and Sabin dives onto him. The challenger hits a gut-buster and gets Miguel back in the ring. He slams Miguel to the mat and continues to control the action. Miguel kicks Sabin and hits him with a neck-breaker. Sabin takes Miguel down with a Spear on the apron. The challenger targets Miguel’s mid-section and gets a two-count with a dropkick. Miguel fires back with a modified German suplex. Sabin escapes a submission hold with a pin attempt. He hits the Angel’s Wings for a two-count. Miguel hits Sabin’s Cradle Shock for a two count. The champion sprays Sabin with spray-paint and goes for the win, but he kicks out.
Sabin slams Miguel abdomen first onto the ropes. He hits the Styles Clash for a two count. Sabin nails Miguel with a clothesline and hits the Cradle Shock for the win.
Winner and new IMPACT X-Division Champion: Chris Sabin

8-4-1 Match (Number One Contender for IMPACT World Title)
Eight-Man Tag, Winning Team Competes In Four-Way Match:
Bully Ray, Jonathan Gresham, Heath, and Nick Aldis vs. Mike Bailey, Moose, PCO, and Rich Swann
Bailey and Gresham start the bout and feel each other out. Swann and Heath tag in and square off. Moose takes control and squares off with Ray. Bully trips up Bailey and tags in. He grounds Bailey, who fires back with a kick. PCO and Gresham tag in, and “The French Frankenstein” clears house. PCO dives onto multiple opponents at ringside. Gresham and Moose battle it out. Gresham scores the win for his team over Swann. The bout turns into a four-way match between Ray, Aldis, Heath, and Gresham. Everyone attacks Ray. Gresham dives onto Ray in a tribute to the classic Dudley Boyz spot. Gresham takes everyone out with a dive at ringside. Ray slams Gresham into the ring post.
Scott D’Amore enters the ring with a chair and hits him with a chair. Heayth comes in and hits Bully with a neckbreaker onto a chair.
Greesham dives onto Bully. Everyone is down after a suplex/powerbomb combination. Aldis hits a diving elbow drop. He traps Heath in a Cloverleaf and makes him tap.
Winner: Nick Aldis

Steve Maclin is interviewed ahead of his title match.

Trinity & Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans
Purrazzo gains the upper hand early on. Trinity takes control. Gisele and Savannah double-team Trinity. Shaw grounds Purrazzo, but Trinity makes the hot tag. Gisele gains the upper hand again. Evans overpowers Trinity in the corner. Trinity fires up and takes Evans down. Purrazzo tags in and clears house with a flurry of offense. She traps Gisele in an arm-bar, but she reaches the ropes. Jai Vidal clotheslines Trinity at ringside. Purrazzo scores the win by making Evans tap out,
Winners: Trinity & Deonna Purrazzo
After the bell, Purrazzo fights off Shaw and Vidal. Evans attacks her from behind. Trinity makes the save. Purrazzo shakes her hand.

Ohio Street Fight: The Design (Deaner, Kon & Angels) vs. oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Madman Fulton)
The two teams start fighting right away. They brawl at ringside. In the ring, Crist dives onto Deaner. He dropkicks a chair into Deaner’s face. The Design takes control. Deaner hits Fulton with a toolbox. Callihan brings out a barbed wire board. Deaner hits him with a shovel. Angels blasts Fulton with a chair. Angels takes him down with a lariat. Crist slams Angels to the mat. Callihan slams Deaner onto a barbed wire board. Kon chokeslams Callihan onto thumbtacks. Fulton and Kon take each other out as they go off the stage and through a table. Deaner slams Crist through a barbed wire board with a burning hammer. Deaner accidentally hits Angels with a baseball bat. Callihan attacks Deaner and drops him with the Cactus Driver for a two-count. He hits Deaner with a baseball bat and hits the Cactus Driver onto a barbed wire board for the win.
Winners: oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Madman Fulton)

The commentary team runs through the schedule for the next few IMPACT events.

IMPACT World Championship: Steve Maclin (c) vs. Alex Shelley
Maclin and Shelley feel each other out early on. Maclin overpowers Shelley, who fires back with some tactical offense that targets Macin’s joints. Shelley locks in an arm-bar, but the champion escapes. Maclin takes Shelley out with a spear through the ropes. Maclin hits a diving elbow off the apron. Shelley keeps targeting Maclin’s arm, but he slams his way out. Maclin controls the action and grounds him. Shelley rallies and slams Maclin to the mat for a two-count. He goes for the Border City Stretch, but Maclin evades it. Maclin drills Shelley with a knee and plants him with a brainbuster. Shelley floors Maclin with a DDT on the apron and hits Sliced Bread on the floor. Maclin counters the Shellshock into the KIA, but Shelley gets his foot on the rope. Shelley slams Maclin off the top rope with the Sliced Bread for a two-count.
Shelley sends Maclin head-first into the turnbuckle. Maclin escapes the Border City Stretch. Shelley slams Maclin face-first onto the exposed turnbuckle. He rocks Maclin with a kick and hits the Shellshock for the win.
Winner and new IMPACT World Champion: Alex Shelley

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