IMPACT Wrestling 3rd of August 2023

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Welcome to JJA Sport Studio’s coverage of IMPACT Wrestling!

The show starts with a video package recapping last week’s event.
We send it to the arena where Trinity makes her entrance. Trinity says Chicago holds a special place in her heart. She recalls almost giving up on her wrestling career. But it was like going from her lowest to her highest when she debuted for Impact in Chicago in April. She held up her promise that she would become Knockouts Champ.
Deonna Purrazzo interrupts. She says if they’re recreating Trinity’s debut, then it’s only fitting that she interrupt. The crowd chants, “You tapped out.” But the only difference here is that Trinity is champ. Deonna reminds her that she knew what it was like to win the title on her first shot. The difference between them, though, is that Deonna isn’t a quitter. Purrazzo says she’ll get her title back at Emergence because nobody can beat her twice (even though Mickie James did).
The Coven interrupts. KiLynn calls it ‘the Deonna and Trinity show’ before bashing both of them. The Coven is upset that they lost to Trinity and don’t have the title right now. Wilde throws cards in Trinity’s face, leading to a brawl. Security pulls them apart before Santino comes out. He initially books the match for later, but Deonna says she’ll fight now in her street clothes.

Trinity & Deonna Purrazzo vs. The Coven
Trinity and King start by locking up. They back off and stare down before Trinity tries a shoulder tackle. King manages to pick Trinity up and take her to the Coven’s corner. Coven tries double teaming, but Trinity double kicks them in the gut. Trinity takes Wilde over to the face corner for punches. Deonna tags in and takes over with stomps. It isn’t long before Wilde takes control and corners Deonna in Coven corner. King plants Deonna with a suplex.
Trinity finally gets the tag. She gyrates on Wilde and then hits a split. Wilde is planted into the turnbuckle. Trinity goes up top, but King distracts long enough for Wilde to strike. Wilde grounds Trinity with a headlock on the mat. King helps dump Wilde onto Trinity for a cover. Trinity manages to spike Wilde with a headscissors to gain some space. She crawls over and tags out. Deonna meets King with clotheslines.
Purrazzo applies a Fujiwara, but King rolls through it. King drops Deonna onto her knee and then plants with a DDT. Deonna elbows away and hits a pump kick. Wilde hits double knees on Deonna, but Trinity runs in with Rear View. King tosses Trinity with a German and all four are down. Deonna and King trade shots until King boots her.
King goes for King’s Curse, but Deonna drags her down into the armbar. Wilde breaks it up. Trinity goes to kick Wilde, but she ducks and kicks Deonna. Wilde throws Trinity out. King lands King’s curse on Deonna for the three.
Winners: The Coven

The Rascalz cut a backstage promo ahead of tonight’s match. Scott D’Amore walks up and says they’re being punished for recent behavior. They’re being fined, but they’ll still be in the tournament. If they interfere in any matches, they’ll be indefinitely suspended without pay.

Alisha Edwards brags about running Traci Brooks out. Jody Threat interrupts, but Eddie cuts her off. Jody says she doesn’t like bullies and they shouldn’t be treating a legend that way. Alisha says she’ll prove a point and run Jody out of Impact. A match is booked for next week.

Heath vs. Alan Angels
Angels hides out in the corner to start. Lock up leads to Angels getting his left arm worked over. Alan slaps Heath and then ducks out to save himself. They run the ropes until Heath knocks him down with clotheslines and back elbows. Heath hits a hip top and Angels rolls out again. Heath follows but runs his knee into the steps when Angels ducks. Back inside, Angels kicks the back of the knee.
Heath punches his way back to his feet until Angels dropkicks the knee and hits a DDT, cover. Angels goes for a moonsault from the top, Heath evades. Heath throws more punches into the corner, whips Angels then launches him up and over. Clotheslines from Heath, but Angels lands a kick from the apron. Angels goes up top for crossbody, but Heath catches him into a powerslam for a nearfall. Angels kicks the knee and goes a backslide. Heath gets up and lands Wake Up call for the win.
Winner: Heath

Gia Miller interviews Eric Young. He had a feeling The Design would attack last week. Gia asks how he’s not dead. EY says it’s a fair question. The truth is, the world that saw the video thought they knew what the truth was. Tonight, we’re going to see what really happened.

Jake Something vs. Davey Vega
Jake throws Vega down to the mat. Vega tries for a headlock only to get launched across the ring. Jake runs him down with a shoulder tackle. Vega rolls to the apron for space. Something pulls Vega back in a couple times and then clobbers him with full force. Jake hits Into the Void slam on Vega for the three.
Winner: Jake Something

We see a replay of how Lio Rush decided to side with Bully Ray, Moose, and Myers last week. Backstage, the trio confronts Rush. Bully says they’re extremely happy that he chose to side with them. Lio says he isn’t going to pretend like he likes this alliance. He’s not here to make any friends. Moose says they don’t want to be his friend. They just want him on their team. Lio says they can trust him come Emergence, but this isn’t going to last long. Bully says it could last a lifetime. Bully got a six-man booked for next week and he wants Lio to be at ringside to watch.

Digital Media Championship: Kenny King (c) vs. Joe Hendry vs. Yuya Uemura
Hendry and Yuya have tension at the start and try pinning each other. King keeps breaking it up. Yuya rolls King up, then Hendry tries. Hendry and Yuya team up on King to get the champ down. Yuya extends a hand, but Hendry applies a headlock. Yuya tries for a waistlock before King strikes Hendry. King lands a snap suplex out of the corner and then boots Yuya on the other side. King gets thrown out for a moment. Hendry hits a neckbreaker on Yuya, who DDTs King going into the break.
We come back to see Hendry suplexing King, cover. King gets up and chops at the chest. King hits a sunset out of the corner followed by a spinebuster, but Yuya breaks the cover. Yuya gets tossed out, so Hendry and King exchange blows again. King nails a powerslam, cover. Yuya goes up top and hits both with a crossbody. Yuya throws forearm shots to both. King gets planted with a bulldog, Hendry dropped with a belly to back suplex. Yuya covers Hendry, King breaks it.
All three men down and then rise up at the same time. They all trade blows. Uppercuts from Hendry to King, but King fires back with a kick to the head. Yuya dropkicks the champ. Yuya goes up top, but Hendry hits him with a cutter. Sheldon pulls Hendry out. King covers Yuya, nearfall. Hendry levels Sheldon on the floor. King throws Yuya into Hendry on the apron. King lands Royal Flush and pins Yuya to retain.
Winner: Kenny King (c)

Gia Miller speaks to Speedball and Gresham backstage. Gresham says he feels confident with a man like Speedball, but Mike interrupts and says he had to convince Gresham to participate in the tag tournament. Gresham reminds Mike that Wentz cheated last week. Gresham says optimism doesn’t win matches and then walks off.

A vignette airs from Josh Alexander and Time Machine.

TMDK vs. Eddie Edwards & Moose is now set for Multiverse United 2. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Awesome Kong are confirmed to appear on Impact 1000.

Backstage, Jessicka and Courtney run into Crazzy Steve, who questions where Rosemary is.

Tag Tournament First-Round: The Rascalz vs. Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham
Bailey starts the bout. Rascalz try double teaming early on, but then it comes down to Bailey and Wentz. Wentz gets taken down with an arm drag followed by a big kick to the chest. Bailey unloads with more kicks. Gresham comes in and ties up Wentz’s arms. Wentz whips Gresh across, allowing Trey to kick him in the back. Wentz takes control, low blows with the rope, and tags out. Speedball gets knocked off the apron heading into the break.
We come back to Gresham doing his best against a double team until the numbers catch up. Trey tries a cover. Gresham hoists Trey up for a body slam. Bailey flies in off the top with a missile dropkick. Shooting star into a cover lands. Rascalz turn things around as Wentz hits Meteora on Bailey with an assist from Trey. Wentz hits a knee strike before Bailey kicks him in midair. Trey and Gresh get tags.
Bailey rolls Gresham up into a cutter on Trey. Wentz breaks the cover with a swanton, knocking into the ref. Gresham hits a moonsault off the ropes onto Wentz. Bailey throws Trey inside for a powerbomb from Gresh. Gresh punches and covers again. Wentz throws a can of paint in as Bailey wipes him out. Trey sprays Gresham and rolls him up for the win.
Winners: The Rascalz

We cut too exclusive footage of what happened between EY and Deaner last year. We see Deaner stab EY and then place the knife on a table. EY’s body is shown and then he coughs up blood and laughs. He crawls outside to his motorcycle. He put his helmet on, face and fists still bloody, before riding off into the night. He has a voice over questioning if death is final and why we’re scared to live. Death can be beautiful, but he’s not dead yet. He’s more than life. He’s an idea, and he will live forever.

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