Solo Sikoa opens up how he found out about call up from NXT

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In a new interview, Solo Sikoa has revealed the details regarding finding out about his big call up to the WWE main roster from NXT.

After immediately joining one of the most popular factions in history upon his main roster graduation, Solo Sikoa is explaining how it came to be.
In a chat with the New York Post, Solo Sikoa has revealed not only how he found out about his big call up to the main roster but also his excitement for an upcoming show.
Revealing that not only did he find out last minute what his plans were for Clash at the Castle, according to Solo, he didn’t even realize it was his main roster call up!
Solo Sikoa said of the graduation:

“It was actually from Roman and Hunter (Triple H). I just got the call saying my flight is getting booked for Clash at the Castle, but I was still hurt at the time.
I got cleared just in time before flying out. I got cleared on a Monday and I flew out on a Friday. When I got there, nobody said anything to me. Everybody was just like quiet, even Roman and Paul. I knew what I was there for but I didn’t know because the mission wasn’t clear.
“When we were getting ready to open up doors for Clash at the Castle, Triple H walks in and this is my first time meeting him.

“Then he goes, “You know this is your call-up?” I was like, “Nah I didn’t know.” “Welcome to the main roster, you’ll be on SmackDown.'”
Pretty nice first meeting with your new boss!

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