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Another major WWE star suffers injury?

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Another top WWE star has possibly suffered an injury, with Bray Wyatt telling fans that he broke his finger at a live event.

Wyatt returned to the ring during the Holiday Tour WWE live event loop, notably defeating Jinder Mahal at the December 26 Madison Square Garden house show.
This bout marked Wyatt’s first match since losing to Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37 in April 2021.

Wyatt also defeated Mahal at the December 28 and 29 house shows in Greensboro, North Carolina and Miami, Florida respectively.
The popular star didn’t leave Miami completely unscathed, with Wyatt apparently believing that he suffered a broken finger during the bout.
While greeting the crowd following the bout, Wyatt showed off his finger, claiming that he broke it during the bout.

You can hear Wyatt discuss his injury in the clip below:

It is currently unclear whether Wyatt has genuinely broken his finger, suffered another hand injury, or was simply working fans.
After weeks of White Rabbit teases, Wyatt made his WWE TV return at the Extreme Rules premium live event in October, following his WWE release in the summer of 2021.

He has yet to return to the ring on WWE TV, but has found himself at odds with LA Knight in recent weeks.
We will continue to provide updates on Bray Wyatt as they become available.

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