'Frustration' between Drew McIntyre and WWE management

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Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has been in the headlines a lot since WrestleMania 39, with his WWE contract reportedly set to expire later this year.

The latest update was that McIntyre had a ‘good chance’ of finishing up with the company, and we now have more on his status within the company.
Per Fightful Select (subscription required), McIntyre’s deal with the company is up in early 2024, ‘well before’ WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, and Fightful was told that he operated like WrestleMania 39 this year could end up being his last WrestleMania.

In regards to speculation that claimed he was ‘leaning towards’ a WWE exit, Fightful says that isn’t entirely accurate, and it’s more accurate to say that he doesn’t know.
Fightful says that if things aren’t working out between the two sides by the time his deal expires, he is willing to explore options elsewhere, leaving the door open for a return to the company in the future.

McIntyre has been working banged up and injured, and he has had a few injuries that he needed to take care of, but he was reportedly adamant that he wanted to get through WrestleMania to work with Sheamus and put over Gunther.
There was said to have been ‘frustration’, as well as “several situations of not being on the same page” with the company, which included him not being told about plans for the Draft ahead of time, despite him usually being one of the people informed ahead of time.
McIntyre was drafted from SmackDown to Raw.

There have been several “perceived miscommunications” between Drew and WWE over the past couple of years.
Drew is said to be “very hands-on” with his creative when possible, and while there have been pitches made for him to return as a heel, those involved believe he will push back to make sure it makes sense creatively, as he has been adamant about not making any major changes to his character unless it “creatively makes sense”.
It was also said that many WWE aren’t sure how the WWE deal with Endeavor will affect them and their contracts, but the company has “had a different approach to renewals in the last couple of years”.

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