'You can feel Umaga's presence' - WWE name commetns on Zilla Fatu's debut

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A WWE name present for the recent in-ring debut of Zilla Fatu has said he could feel the presence of Fatu’s late father, WWE legend Umaga, throughout the match.

Speaking on The Hall of Fame podcast, NXT commentator Booker T spoke of Fatu’s first match in front of a live crowd at the Reality of Wrestling Summer of Champions IX event on July 15.
The two-time WWE Hall of Famer and owner of Reality of Wrestling gave his first thoughts on Fatu’s debut, saying:

“That was Zilla Fatu’s first match in front of a crowd, and you could tell he was very, very composed.
“He had that thing where we say in wrestling, if you feel like you’re going slow, move a little bit slower.He has that effect going on. His quickness and explosiveness was definitely there.”

Booker then detailed the presence he felt of Fatu’s late father Umaga in the arena for the monumental occasion, saying:
“You could feel his dad in the arena. I swear to god, you could feel his dad in the arena.
“I could see his dad sitting right there next to me. I could feel his presence in that arena on Saturday night, and I think Zilla felt a little bit of it as well.”

While Fatu has only just begun his pro wrestling journey, it’s hard to imagine WWE not being interested in the upstart at some point down the line, particularly with the ongoing Bloodline saga dominating WWE TV.
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