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Top WWE star 'all for' CM Punk returning, update on WWE's potential interest

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The latest update has emerged on potential WWE interest in signing former AEW star CM Punk who was fired just a few days ago.

Punk’s firing happened on the night of WWE Payback, and reports indicated he was a big topic of conversation backstage.
It’s been said that there are many top WWE talents who wouldn’t be in favor of Punk returning, but ultimately, it’s not their decision to make.

A new report from PWInsider Elite further indicates that some top talents are “adamantly against” the idea of Punk making a comeback.
However, there was one particular “top tier star” who was “all for it”, and some who recognized it as a big money making opportunity.
But again, it’s not up to the talent, it’s up to management.

And as far as that goes, there’s not really much known about their interest in Punk, outside of the fact that there’s the big Endeavor deal expected to close soon and that’s the focus right now before bringing in any big money signings.
It could also end up being an Endeavor call, and Endeavor did have a good relationship with Punk during his stint in the UFC.
There’s still no confirmation on whether or not Punk has a non-compete clause to adhere to before he could even legally show up in WWE.

For what it’s worth, PWInsider also mentioned that IMPACT was “super excited” about the potential of Punk working there, but obviously it’s debatable if that’s even a realistic possibility.
We’ll keep you posted with any further updates.

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