WWE star publicly states they want CM Punk to return

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A WWE star has publicly stated they hope CM Punk makes a return to the company after he was fired by AEW on September 2.

Tony Khan announced Punk had been fired “for cause” after an investigation into the backstage incident at AEW All In.
Obviously there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of Punk returning to WWE now that he’s no longer with AEW.
The belief is that many top WWE stars aren’t in favor of Punk returning, but some do at least recognize it would be a huge money making opportunity.

Ultimately, the decision will come down to Paul Levesque (Triple H), Nick Khan, or potentially even Endeavor.
One current WWE star who has voiced that she actually does hope Punk returns is Zelina Vega.

A new article from Newsday quotes Vega as saying:
Vega said “there’s so many reasons” she’d like to see a Punk return, “not just for me, but for the fans.”
She added:
“I don’t know much about his situation with AEW, but I have always had a fantastic relationship with CM Punk.
“You hear all these things about him. I am so big on not listening to other people’s experiences…
“He’s always been a fantastic person.
“There’s layers to people. And when people are just so hung up on the outer layers of what a person can be, you get stuck there. And if you want to stay there, that’s great. But when you get to know the core of a person, that’s where I like to hang out.”

The day after Punk was announced as being fired by AEW, Vega tweeted out a big red ‘X’ symbol, which some fans thought was a show of support for Punk.
However, Vega has claimed that wasn’t the case, and she was actually referencing the jacket her LWO teammate Rey Mysterio he wore at WWE Payback the same day Punk was fired, which featured an ‘X’ over Dominik Mysterio’s face.

Having said that, Vega did add:
“To me, Punk’s been nothing but great. So will the ‘X’ be meaning putting an ‘X’ on Dominik’s face, and CM Punk? It absolutely can be, because, I’m a big supporter of him. And he’s always been that way for me.”

Punk publicly voiced support for Vega when she was initially fired by WWE for running a Twitch stream and OnlyFans page in November 2020 before she returned in July 2021.
He’s also known to be a friend and advocate of Vega’s real-life husband AEW star Malakai Black.
It’s unknown if Punk has to adhere to a non-compete clause following his AEW departure, but we’ll keep you posted with any updates on that.

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