Carmelo Hayes turns on Trick Williams at WWE NXT Vengeance Day

NXT Vengeance Day
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There was a huge betrayal to end tonight’s WWE premium live event, NXT Vengeance Day as Carmelo Hayes turned on Trick Williams.

NXT World Champion Ilja Dragunov was looking to defend his title against Trick Williams with the excited crowd squarely behind Williams.
However when the referee collided with Carmelo Hayes on the ring apron, no one was available to count the pinfall when it looked like Williams had the match won.
A new referee ran out to replace him but by the time he got in the ring for the pin, Dragunov was able to kick out.

In the end, Ilja Dragunov was able to retain, but the biggest news from the match came after the champion had already left ringside.
While they were in the ring together, Carmelo Hayes first gave Trick Williams a short pep talk, telling him that they were still Trick Melo Gang forever… that is until he stepped behind Trick.
Carmelo Hayes would then go on to attack Williams, targeting the same knee that he had ‘inadvertently’ fell into during the match.

After using a steel chair to continue to assault, Hayes would then sit over Trick as the crowd broke out into voracious boos.
Eventually officials would come out and Carmelo Hayes would leave, being overheard by the camera as the show went off the air to be blaming all of the fans for causing this betrayal.

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