WWE star undergoes neck fusion surgery

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A WWE star has announced that he’s undergone neck fusion surgery after being out of action for number of weeks recently.

For nearly two months, Ivar of the Viking Raiders has been appearing on TV without his long-time tag team partner Erik, who’s been out with an injury.
Erik has now taken to Instagram with an update, mentioning that he underwent C6 and C7 neck fusion surgery.

Along with some images you can see below, he wrote:

Ivar, who also underwent neck fusion surgery a couple of years ago, jokingly replied:
Can’t wait to reveal our new tag name upon your return, the Neck Fusion Experience

Others who posted supportive messages included Kushida, Megan Morant, Edris Enofe, Keith Lee, Miro, and Natalya.
Since Erik will be out of action long-term, WWE has been pushing Ivar as a singles talent and he’s impressed backstage personnel with his recent performances against both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.
Valhalla, formerly Sarah Logan, who’s the real-life wife of the injured Erik, has continued appearing alongside Ivar.
We send our best wishes to Erik for his recovery.

Here are the images Erik attached to his post:


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