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New Bo Dallas WWE return update

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Ahead of the return of Bo Dallas, another QR code on WWE SmackDown led to online clues, and there was an on-screen glitch during a match.

A QR code that flashed on screen during a graphic of the Raw 2024 WWE Draft pool for April 29 (which perhaps was a clue itself!) led to a puzzle of sorts.
Leading to a quiz, you will be led to different directions depending on your answers, including images and video.

Also, during a fast squash match between Bron Breakker and Cedric Alexander, you may have missed a ‘glitch’ which featured images interspliced into the show.
You can see a fan’s frame by frame breakdown below along with a collection of other evidence gathered by WWE fans online.

With the silhouette of a woman appearing in the videos, fans are now even more inclined to speculate that there could be a ‘Sister Abigail’ figure, or at least a female accomplice of some variety, that appears alongside whatever the latest iteration of Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy will turn out to be.
While it has not been ‘officially’ confirmed the clues are related to the return of Bo Dallas, given the tease at the end of the Bray Wyatt documentary on Peacock as well as the nature of the clues, this all does seem to point to the return of Wyatt’s real-life brother.

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