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Bo Dallas WWE return latest update

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On tonight’s episode of WWE NXT, there was a QR code that led to a video continuing to tease the impending return of Bo Dallas.

The Uncle Howdy mysteries continued on tonight’s episode of NXT (April 30) as a QR code led to another video

In the video, text reads on screen:

Later in the video, ‘THEY OPENED THE DOOR’ is repeated many times on one screen with the addition of ‘WE CAN BE FAMILY’ at the bottom.
The video ends on another screen reading just ‘WE CAN BE FAMILY’.

Also as ever, there were additional layers of clues within the clues as fans noted that the URL of the video ‘https://www.wwe.com/kintsugi’ was interesting.
Kintsugi is a Japanese art that repairs broken pottery with gold or other precious metals, ultimately creating a new piece that is even more beautiful than before it was broken.
Also, in the source code on the page, fans spotted another clue that may be relevant, if you feel so compelled to start deep diving below and find out more about Lagrange points.

While it has not been ‘officially’ confirmed the clues are related to the return of Bo Dallas, given the tease at the end of the Bray Wyatt documentary on Peacock as well as the nature of the clues, this all does seem to point to the return of Wyatt’s real-life brother.
This was the first return tease QR code to be featured on WWE NXT although they have been occurring across WWE Raw and SmackDown throughout the month of April 2024.
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