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Bo Dallas WWE return big update

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Following the most recent QR code tease, there is a big update on the WWE return of former NXT Champion Bo Dallas.

At the end of the Bray Wyatt documentary on Peacock, a tease aired that teased the return of Bray’s brother Bo Dallas’ character, Uncle Howdy.
In recent weeks, there has been a series of QR code glitches that have appeared on WWE television that has been hinting at Uncle Howdy’s return and a possible new Wyatt Family stable.

On the May 3 edition of WWE SmackDown, another glitch aired that led to a very noteworthy QR tease. The tease shows a woman in a white dress and she delivers a message. The message reads:
“He opened his arms. Our pain became his. We were reborn. Because…We Believed.”

When the video shows, “We Believed,” the lettering changes an “e” to an “o,” so it reads. “We Bolieved.”
This seems to be the biggest indication so far that these QR teases are leading to the return of Bo Dallas. His signature catchphrase during his previous WWE stint was “We Bolieve.”
For any further updates on Dallas’ WWE return stick with JJA Sport Studio.


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