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Potential date for Bo Dallas WWE faction

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There may be a big update on the WWE return of Bo Dallas and the debut of his faction as a new clue provides some leads.

On tonight’s episode of WWE Raw, there was another QR code that led this time to an ominous series of photos.
While you can head to wwe.com/121212 to see all the images, there are two that are particularly interesting.
The image labelled 18 features a newspaper clipping regarding a missing woman, where there were mysterious notes found at her residence.

Of note, the author of the newspaper article is listed as ‘Wendy Lucho’ which is an anagram for Uncle Howdy, the character portrayed by Bo Dallas before Bray Wyatt passed away.
The last image featured a floppy disk that had the most specific clue, noting what seemed to be the date 5/16/2024 (May 16), 4pm and what appeared to spell out Twitch.
We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all the developments, especially whatever may potentially occur Thursday afternoon on Twitch.

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Elsewhere on tonight’s WWE Raw, there was an announcement regarding Drew McIntyre getting a future title shot.
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