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Creative plans for Bo Dallas WWE faction update

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A backstage update has emerged on the new faction set to pay tribute to Bray Wyatt, ahead of the group’s debut.

In recent weeks, quick clues and teases for the new faction have appeared on WWE TV, so many that now the commentators address them on air.
With Bo Dallas’ faction reportedly set to pay homage to the late Bray Wyatt, some fans have been apprehensive about the new group, questioning whether the idea will work.

Per Fightful Select, WWE thinks there’s a real chance that this faction will work in the modern wrestling world.
A heavy talking point WWE reportedly had was about how it was often difficult to make Fiend and Wyatt programs work in the ring.

It was reported that sources in WWE claimed that this wouldn’t be an issue with the new group as there doesn’t appear to be the same supernatural elements in the current plan and presentation of the group.
The report pointed out that there were teases that WWE “needed to do something that would make Bray proud” in the recent Bray Wyatt Becoming Immortal documentary.

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