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Drew McIntyre deletes socials after quitting WWE

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After “quitting” WWE on tonight’s Raw, Drew McIntyre has taken his departure further, deleting his social media accounts.

Deactivating his social media accounts, the detail was noted by Michael Cole on commentary during the show’s main event.
McIntyre’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts are notably down as it seems that he is ready to “part ways” with the company.
We’ll keep you updated with all the latest details as more emerges about the situation.
On tonight’s June 17 edition of WWE Raw, an in-ring segment ended abruptly as McIntyre simply said that he wasn’t going to do this and quit.

McIntyre said:
“You know what, I can’t do this anymore. Screw this company, I quit.”

He was shown talking to both Triple H and Adam Pearce backstage who were attempting to persuade him into staying for a conversation however Drew McIntyre was shown leaving the arena.
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